In an astounding case of violence, a drunk man beheaded his wife with a sickle, in front of her three children, and then carried her severed head to a nearby temple before placing it inside in the south Indian town of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

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The man, a raging alcoholic, allegedly had frequent quarrels with his wife, which often ended in violence. A Hindu report said he also suspected the wife was having an illicit affair.

On Friday, he demanded money from his wife, and drank his weight, before coming home and quarreling with his wife, while she cooked. Their three children, who were doing their homework, were also present.

 As the quarrel got uglier, reports India Today, the drunk Muthuraj picked up a sickle and hacked the woman down in front of the children, before severing her head

Muthuraj, 49, who was a daily wage labourer, surrendered himself to the police after the incident, even as everyone who saw him carry a severed head to a temple were too stunned or scared to react. 

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