Every cookery show these days is pretty much the same. Lavish kitchens equipped with the most modern utensils and a sophisticated chef donning a chef's hat precariously preparing some hard-to-pronounce dish. 

But one Tamilian man has got people hooked to his YouTube channel despite having none of the above. This elderly man cooks incredible delicacies using traditional methods like wood burning stoves. While he cooks dedicatedly under the open sky, you can actually hear peacocks singing in the background!

He prepares egg curry with 300 eggs on a chulha.

Source: YouTube

Chops the Stingray fish right there in the video!

Source: YouTube

Thoroughly cleans the lamb's head before proceeding to prepare the traditional Lamb Head Kulambu!

Source: YouTube

And enjoys the food on a banana leaf out in the open!

Watch him prepare the very tempting Chicken Biryani here:

You may find it a bit difficult to understand the language if you don't speak Tamil, but food doesn't need a language now, does it?