There are music lovers and then there are evolved music lovers. And the latter agree that the essence of enjoying a good song lies in watching the artist(s) perform it live. That's where one could truly feel the zeal of the performer, experience the electricity in the air and ROCK OUT, in the true sense of the phrase! And if the musical offering is in sync with your musical preferences, you often end up feeling a strong sense of connection with the band or artist on stage.

Now, obviously you can't go out scouting for and attending concerts by good musicians every day. Though, if you have TATA Sky, you may find their new service interesting. 

It's called TATA Sky Music + and it gives subscribers a direct access to a selected batch of musicians across four genres; International, Mehfil (Sufi), Indie roots and Jazz. The channel is an absolute delight for all evolved music lovers as it offers curated videos, artist interviews, pre-recorded live performances and even (and this is real) LIVE STREAMING EVENTS.

In fact, TATA Sky went as far as launching their #MyKindOfMusic campaign, wherein they collaborated with four up-and-coming bands to make 10 music videos, over the course of 4 days of live activity. And they're all based on the real-time conversations they had with their Twitter followers.  

The end result was this amazing playlist. Check it out; it's worth a listen.