A tattoo reflects one's personality. It is akin to a pathway to the soul. Going under the needle takes a lot of courage, more so while deciding upon the theme that you wish to engrave onto your skin forever. But sometimes, people give zilch thought to it, which results in disastrous tattoos. Here are some exhibits:

Blasphemous fail.... Oh no!

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I just hope this isn't Iron Maiden's Paul Di'Anno

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Spelling and tattoo fail

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Don't show this on the very first date

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Does he have his expiry date tattooed as well?

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The new level of face painting

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Regret nothing, except for this tattoo

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Fail....unless of course, he means Heath Ledger

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Slide through hotdog sammiches?

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"Lie to me"

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Even if he loses his passport, the ink still has his back!

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That's apparently Margaret Thatcher

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Pirate patch?

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My dead

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Fanboism fail

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That's a very 'touching' message

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It'll surely get worse for this lad

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Harry Potter.... is that you?

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The new logo for the New York Yankees

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She definitely went to prom, but did she ever go to school?

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Eyebrows literally "on point"

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School & Education?

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Play Tetris with the skin

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Marilyn Monroe is definitely turning in her grave

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The dog won't be pleased

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Masthead Source: Alegoo