Teachers should be respected and revered like gods. They are always right because they know what's good for us better than anyone else. They guide us through much of our school and then in college as well. They go above and beyond their duty to make us understand things. They hold our hand when we're too scared and motivate us to do things we wouldn't have done otherwise.

This is what we were taught as kids, right? Well, what if we told you all of it isn't true?

It's 2016 and teachers, much like their students, have changed a lot. Although teachers put a smiling face when they're in the classroom, none of us actually know what is going on in their heads now, do we? But after reading these honest-to-God confessions by some teachers, you'd actually yell out, WTF! 

Here you go: 

Wow! This is making me revisit some of the most cherished childhood memories and totally ruining it for me.