We are the last generation that saw the world without the Internet for some time! And, even when we didn't, initially we had to struggle with dial-ups, Hotmail and MS-DOS. Our younger nieces and nephews, on the other hand, can download a full movie in 30 minutes, play games with life-like graphics and have access to apps that solve just about every life problem from finding a cab to finding a date! It won’t be a surprise if they get totally weirded out, should you ever tell them what the tech scenario was like back in the good ol’ days.

Enjoy the ride!

1. We literally spent hours downloading songs and begged the dial-up Gods to shower us with the lightening speed of 64 Kbps!

2. We had to hit '7' four freakin' times on our phone’s keypad to type 'S'.

3. We marveled at the graphics of ‘Road Rash’ like it was the most visually satisfying game ever made!

4. We didn’t have GPS. If we ever lost our way on the road, we sucked up our pride and asked for directions!

5. We didn’t have dozens of games on our smartphones. Instead, we killed time on our humble Nokias with THIS:

6. For 80’s kids, downloading music meant waiting for their favorite track to play on the radio and recording it on a cassette.

7. We had to read the manuals that came with our gadgets because, believe it or not, there were no freaking tech reviews back then!

8. We used our MotoRazrs with so much swag it puts the iPhone freaks of today to shame.

9. As kids, we did not want an XBox One, but a Nintendo 64 and a game cartridge that read ‘999999 in 1’.

Source: Starecat

10. Back Then, 32 GBs worth of music looked like THIS:

Source: 1080.plus

11. Every time Sony introduced a new model of the Walkman we went, "Shut up and take my money!"

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All the gifs have been sourced from Giphy.