Two minors, aged 12 and 15 years, their bags filled with about Rs 2 lakh cash picked from granny's house and with plans to travel to the US were apprehended by CISF personnel at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in Delhi.

Officials said the incident was reported last night when the two youngsters were detected moving around the ticket counter at the IGIA in a suspicious manner. CISF personnel intercepted the duo and found they had arrived from Imphal and wanted to travel to the US but had no valid documents.

"The boys were not accompanied by any guardian. Subsequently, CISF surveillance staff verified the credentials of both of them by calling at their home after taking telephone numbers from them and came to know that both boys came from Imphal without informing their parents," they said.

Source: b'Source/AFP'

It was also found that a missing complaint had been lodged for the two in a local police station in Imphal in Manipur few days back.

"Some clothes, books and a cash of Rs 1.94 lakh was recovered from their bag. A relative of the two, also a senior police official in Manipur, told security personnel the money was apparently taken by the boys from their grandmother's house without informing anyone," the officials said.

It is being ascertained as to why the young boys were undertaking such a daring step. Their detection saved them from falling into wrong hands, they said.

The minors were handed over to police for further action in coordination with Manipur police, the officials added.

(Feature image source: PTI)