If parking is one of the major issues that you face while driving your car around the city or even taking out from the garage then here's some good news.

American motor company Tesla has come up with a new feature for its S car models that will provide the best parking for the cars.

Termed as Summon feature that has been added to the Autopilot mode, the car will drive itself to park in tight spaces. It'll even open and close the HomeLink-compatible garage door. One has to be within 39 feet of the car for this to work, but the parking struggles in narrow spaces will end.

However, the company also announced that it will put limits on its hands-free operation, which has been both praised for its innovation while being criticised for having been launched too early. The announcements came recently when the Autopilot driving systems was being updated.

The  function will now be restricted on residential roads or roads without a center divider, meaning the car cannot drive faster than the speed limit maximum plus five miles (8 km) per hour.

Here's the video:

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said the car will now reduce its speed in anticipation of curves on the highway, but added he was not aware of any accidents caused by the earlier version of the software.

Tesla announced the Autopilot upgrade the day before the start of Detroit's North American International Auto Show, where traditional carmakers - which in general have lagged Tesla in unveiling semi-autonomous technology - launch new models.

The U.S. pioneer in luxury electric cars charged by batteries was one of the first companies to offer steering that could be operated hands-free, one of the first steps to full self-driving that industry experts say may be available by 2020.

(With inputs from Reuters)