Backstreet Boys is the epitome of a boy band. Countless teens from the 90s have spent hours crooning their hit number 'Everybody'. But unluckily for us, boy bands aren't exactly what they used to be in the 90s. 

The Late Late Show host James Corden, most popularly known for his carpool karaokes with artists ranging from Adele to Michelle Obama, is clearly not happy about boy bands not being boy bands anymore. 

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"I'm aware that boy bands haven't gone away, right?" he said. "But now, they just stand onstage wearing skinny jeans and Vans sneakers – and some of them even have the audacity to pick up instruments. That is not what I want in a boy band. I want matching outfits, synchronized dancing, and way-over-budget music videos."

And to bring back the boy bands that we all loved, he unveiled the "top-selling boy band of all-time" Backstreet Boys on the stage. 

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The Backstreet Boys did just what everyone wanted them to do. Perform 'Everybody'. And James Corden even joined the group and sang along with them. 

Watch the complete video here.

Thank you for bringing our favourite boy band back, James!