The Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia's Finland trip has landed him in hot waters, with many on Twitter and other social media platforms, criticizing his ill-timed visit. Among the many reactions to this development, writer Chetan Bhagat's tweet to Sisodiya caused quite a stir and the minister himself replied to the writer, leading to  a string of tweets. 

This is what Manish Sisodia tweeted after vehement criticism on Twitter regarding his Finland trip, where he went to study the education system of the country. 

But writer Chetan Bhagat was not buying it: 

Source: b'Chetan Bhagat | Source: PTI'

He went on to thrash Aam Aadmi Party: 

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia was not far behind, with this reply: 

After which, he went on to ask Chetan Bhagat whether he had any factual evidence of the fact that fe flew first class or whether it was just based on what certain TV channels were claiming: 

Chetan Bhagat was quick to respond to these allegations: 

He went on to ask for details of the trip from the Minister to clarify the issue in public:

To which Manish Sisodia tweeted in reply: 

Bhagat however stuck adamantly to his point: 

But Sisodia would not budge either:

Finally, Bhagat tweeted: 

But Siodia held his ground, asking Bhagat and others to not spread rumours based on inconclusive evidence: 

And he also managed to have the last word:

The spat started after Times Now claimed they had videos of the deputy CM, holidaying in Finland. But the CM tweeted in reply:

But even as the two, Bhagat and Sisodia, stopped tweeting at each other, the twitter saga has continued, with several users criticising Chetan's attack on an innocent enough foreign trip, while others defending the writer for questioning dubious schemes employed by politicians. Many also criticised the ill-timing of the trip, with the various vector-borne diseases that are wreaking havoc in the city, bad roads and pollution. 

Feature Image Source: Twitter/PTI