Are you one of those countless Indian people who like to drive during the night with their high-beam on?

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If yes, you're lucky you're not in China. For those who have the annoying habit of blinding the drivers coming in from opposite directions, the Chinese have come up with a pretty scary deterrent. 

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People in China are using stickers on their rear windows that glow in the dark. And these glow-in-the-dark stickers are meant to shock the driver in the car behind them.  

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Yes, they do not look very scary when the sun is out, but as soon as the light from your high beam hits them, they turn into really scary figures on the window.  

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These posters are available on e-commerce site Taobao for prices ranging from $3 to $18 (₹200-₹1200) and are already selling like hotcakes in China.

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And they come in various (scary, spooky) designs too.

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Terrifying, right?

Imagine driving your car and suddenly seeing one of these on the car in front of you. We're pretty sure you'd be spooked. And the Chinese drivers sure are spooked. These stickers have contributed to the rise of road accidents on Chinese streets. That's the reason why the authorities are not too excited about these decals.

Traffic police in the Shandong province have said they're going to issue a 100-Yuan (~₹1000) for people using these scary decals.

But people want to get their message across. And if they're not allowed to do so by scaring fellow drivers, they're going to use a more direct approach.

About time we get these in India as well.