Reacting to the stir created over his kissing scene with co-star Suvreen Chawla in television series 24, Anil Kapoor said, "About time we stopped making a fuss about these things.", reports DNA.  

The actor feels that the script demanded a lip lock as the character he plays is in a relationship with the character played by Surveen Chawla.

He further told DNA,

"This is not a light-hearted soap or sitcom. 24 is a political thriller. My character is shown to be in a relationship with a woman (Surveen Chawla). I’ve kissed in my films when there has been a need to. In 24, a lip-lock was needed. So we went ahead and did it. About time we stopped making a fuss about these things. The content in 24 is not juvenile. We are looking at a series which has certain international standards to uphold.”

Talk about progressive times on Indian television, and Anil Kapoor is making sure that the audience is evolved this time around too.