So like always, WhatsApp quietly decided to introduce a new, fun font. And since we believe in social service, we decided to let the world know. So what is this new font and is it available to you?

The font is called FixedSys. According to Huffington Post, this change was earlier rolled out in Android Beta version v2.16.179. However, we tried the font on our stable version v2.16.133 and it totally worked. 

So how do we use this font? All you have to do is use the ` symbol three times before and after any word. For example, if you want to write awesome in the new font, you have to write ```awesome```. And voila!

 Also please do not confuse the symbol for an apostrophe, it is that symbol next to that squiggly line on the keypad "~".

However, we are not too sure how much you will actually use this font for conversation because it is goddamn tardy. But for those of you looking to amp up your WhatsApp game, go ahead.