Of course, the first time you saw 24-year-old Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as the Mountain in the GOT series, you were like: What? This can't be real, right? Well, we've found his bigger and meaner looking Middle Eastern brother, that people around the world are referring to as the Persian Hercules - sometimes, more appropriately, the Iranian Hulk.

Meet power lifter Sajad Gharibi from Iran, who's literally the biggest man you might have ever seen.

Source: anaseeen.blogspot.com


 This mean machine has been gaining 'mass' Internet media attention as the 'Iranian Hulk'.

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Very little information is available about the strongman who's just 24 years old.

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We know that this 175 kg giant loves and lives to lift.


Except for when he's making everything look like it's from the dwarf realm.

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Sometimes, he somehow finds a way to fit into cars too.

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Still, sources close to him claim that he is a kind-hearted, gentle giant.

Source: Source: liftn.com

Here's where you can follow him on Instagram and keep a tab on what he's up to.

It seems like we'll be seeing a lot more of Sajad soon. A lot more.

Masthead Source: youtube.com, Feature Image Source: tumbex.com