On Sunday, when the RSS made the announcement that made national headlines, and it was nothing short of page 1 in all newspapers today. This is what the esteemed governor of Tripura had to say: 

Let's face it, the RSS has decided to do away with the one item of clothing that has been used the most against them: the khaki shorts that results in every swayamsevak of the organisation being called 'chaddiwala' by critics. Somehow 'pant-wala' just won't cut it. 

And this wouldn't look as great if all of them were wearing pants. Or would it?: 

The good times when the knickers were worn proud and high are ending. We now won't have photos like this: 

We'll never know whether our honourable leaders who are from the organisation have been doing 'legs' enough or not: 

Source: b'Nitin Gadkari \xc2\xa0and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis (middle) at a RSS rally | Source: PTI file'
Source: b'Nitin Gadkari during a RSS rally | Source: PTI file'

This is the last time we will see headlines like this: 

The change is good but surely even the RSS knows that it needs to extend beyond shorts.

So here's to more change... that India and the RSS can both use.