All the '90s kids in the house, we have a surprise for you! 

Remember the time when you sat glued to your TV screens, rooting for Team Deewane or Mastane, Parvane or Afsane? And all those times you sang along with the participants? Or every time you felt miserable for not being able to help since you knew the song, while the team you were supporting, sat there in a state of distress?

Yes, we're talking about Antakshari, which had Annu Kapoor, along with his female co-hosts, entertaining us for almost a decade.

Source: Hindustan Times

Speaking of his co-hosts, we saw Durga Jasraj, Pallavi Joshi, Rajeshwari Sacchdev and Renuka Shahane gracefully singing and presenting the show that defined reality TV for us '90s kids.

Looks like the ladies miss the good old days just as much as we do!

Recently, they all came together for a reunion of sorts. Renuka Shahane posted these images on Facebook with the following caption, which has given us just the right amount of nostalgic feels:

"Hum ek geet gaa chuke hain ab teri hai baari, jo tu na gaa paaya toh teri team hai haari; yeh hai Antakshari, Close-Up Antakshari" Playing it once again with my lovely Antakshari girls Durga Jasraj, Pallavi Joshi, Rajeshwari Sachdev.....the beautiful, good old times may have passed but we are still together....friends for life!!!

They gave us the signature Antakshari pose!

Source: Facebook

And even held imaginary mics, sporting smiles as bright as they were back in the day.

Source: Facebook

And then they had this picture perfect moment. 

Source: Facebook


Thanks for taking us back in time, ladies. Hoping to see Annu Kapoor joining the next time!