On Wednesday, the Supreme Court passed an order making it mandatory for all cinema halls to play the national anthem before the beginning of every movie. The court while passing the order said that it was time that people felt they lived in a nation. The decision has caused quite an uproar with people calling the decision 'forced patriotism' and ridiculous.

Source: Scoopwhoop

However, someone on the internet decided to take it one step forward. A Change.org user Hashin Jithu has launched a petition to make XVideos, a pornographic website, play the Indian National Anthem before and after their videos.

Source: Change.org

The petition says,

It is well known that a huge number of Indian teens spend a lot of their time at Xvideos.com along with other sites during their formative years. Making them listen to the national anthem before watching a venereal video will instill a sense of pride and helps in tying reproductive urgency with patriotism.This helps in indoctrinating a sense of primacy to patriotism and helps them create docile future citizens through responsible reproductive behaviour in favour of the nation. Please sign and share this petition so that we have a great chance of reaching Narendra Modi ji."

"Bharat Mata Ki Jai", the petition ends on a patriotic note as well.

The petition has worked very well, and it has already received the support of 79 people out of a target of 100. How the petitioners go about it once 100 people have signed it, would be interesting to see.