I belong to the tribe of millennials; that wonderful bunch that starts feeling like a member of a Forbes list, the moment they get their salaries. So, there I was, 15 days after spending an entire month’s wage, looking at my empty wallet when I found a 10 paisa coin lying inside an old shoe box in my room. Thus, began a series of thoughts as to just how much of given commodity my new-found treasure could afford me.

No matter how bad I am with numbers, I did the math and the results were just hilarious. Take a look.

1) 9% of a chip

Hungry, kya?

2) 2/3rd of a pea

In case the chip didn't fill you up.

3) 5 ML of mineral water

A li'l something to wash it all down.

4) 0.7 gms of a samosa

Boy, we're having a feast today!

Remember, twice a day, or you'll get cavities.

Say goodbye to  0.14 ml of body odor.

Keep your hair clean. Just the one. 

8) 0.04 grams of Coffee

Hope that much caffeine won't keep you up all night.

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That’s right! Would you believe, even in this age of inflated inflation, you can actually afford something useful that costs just 10 paisa! That’s the power of HP DeskJet GT Ink Tank System.

Don’t believe me? Well, there’s an entire song about it! Look:

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Illustrations worth way more than 10 paisa by Aroop Mishra.