A daredevil stunt was caught on camera in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh where seven young boys jumped from a train track into a river even as a train was approaching them at high speed.

As seen in this video, the boys waited for the train to arrive and jumped one-by-one into river at the last second to pull off the dangerous act. Fortunately, these boys managed to dodge the oncoming train and escape the deadly consequences.

The video was uploaded by a local resident on YouTube and was circulated widely on WhatsApp. After it went viral, the Ghaziabad administration ordered a probe into the matter. After preliminary enquiry, it has been found out that the bridge is in the Masuri police station area and runs across the Upper Ganga Canal.

Cops at Masuri police station told TOI there have been reports in the past of dangerous stunts being performed in the area, but claimed not to have witnessed such incidents first-hand.