All through the day, social media has been abuzz with a new "Disco Policy" which came into effect in Chandigarh from April 1.

Shockingly, the Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016 policy, drafted by the Union Territory's administration, allows a team of babus to shut down any pubs, bars or discs if they are found doing a list of things that include:

  • Any exhibition or advertisement of scantily dressed women
  • To be indecent or of a scurrilous character

Not surprisingly, Twitter lost it and went all out to mock the administration over this regressive rule.

Here, look at some hilarious memes that show what the policy could do to the city's nightlife!

No city for scantily-dressed-anybody

Its nightlife is in for a massive change

Chandigarh girls be like...

The policy is turning away chicks

It's the time to disco?

What next? Anup Jalota's bhajans