Think back to when you were a child and to your very first medium of creative catharsis. Need a hint? What was it that you painted red with your mother’s makeup? Where did you draw your first landscapes? Walls. As children, the walls around us were our canvas, our diary, and our support. On their white and yellow bases, we were Picasso and Tendulkar, Guevara and Banksy. Sadly, however, many children in our country are devoid even of this simple pleasure as the sun goes down.

This video by Airtel shows how numerous children in India have to compromise their education due to the lack of technology in their lives. As soon as the sun sets, their creativity is forced to go to bed and wait for the next day. But what if they had technology that could change that? Here’s where Airtel stepped in: to #LightUpASmile. Using innovative and localized solutions, Airtel has now made it possible for thousands of children to learn at their pace. Watch the video to know more about the initiative. 

What's more, for every comment on the story, Airtel will empower one person by making them digitally literate.

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