After one of the most vitriolic campaigns in history, Donald Trump beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a stunning upset, and was elected the 45th President of the United States. The world is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that someone like Donald Trump will be the leader of the free world.

As people all over started voicing their apprehensions over Trump's presidency, cartoonists and illustrators from around the globe shared some poignant cartoons to drive home their concerns. 

Here are some of those cartoons:

1. The Statue of Liberty, one of the most iconic symbols of freedom, has been a cartoonists' favourite.

Source: Instagram/Annakozdon

2. Knock, knock.

Source: Twitter/ygrek

3. Firing Miss Liberty.

Source: Twitter/KevinMaxwell

4. The winner takes it all? 

Source: Twitter/Remonwang

5. " We didn't start the fire."

Source: TheWeek

6. Is democracy overrated?

Source: LATimes

7. Scary times ahead?  

Source: Twitter/GreekAnalyst

8. This cartoon expresses the horror that is Trump homecoming.

Source: Twitter/FinancialReview

9. Dangerous propositions. 

Source: Telegraph

10. Meanwhile..

Source: Twitter/PoliticalCartoon

11. Is it the end of the GOP?

Source: Twitter/Ruben

12. American horror story?

Source: HeraldSun

13. Not a good morning, America. 

Source: Twitter/PaulKirby

14. Is this the symbol of the new USA? 

Source: Facebook/GunduzAbhayev

15. Cartoonist Sarah Anderson thinks we are going backwards.

Source: Facebook/Sarah'sScribbles

16. Huh!

Source: LennartGabel

17. Abe would be turning in his grave. 

Source: Newsday

18. This is reality.

Source: MackayCartoons

19. Lincoln had the Gettysburg address, Trump has?

Source: deAdder

20. This cartoon imagines the nightmares that Martin Luther King might have had.  

Source: GeertJegrom

21. This newspaper still can't digest the news. 

Source: TheNewYorker

22. Nor can the people.

Source: Infotel

23. The media can't believe what just happened. 

Source: Claytoonz

24. Trump is reminding this artist of 'someone' else.

Source: RodriguezCartoons

25. Who also broke the world apart.

Source: SchrankCartoons

A mix of humour, irony, satire, these cartoonists from around the world, have expressed their concerns over the election of Donald Trump, in their own way, through their sharp pencils and an even sharper wit.