We are a generation that dreams big. Having a nice house and a fancy car are the basics and we are no longer content with just these. We want to see the world, own the best and keep experiencing new avenues. Thanks to our love for novelty and excitement, our ultimate wish list is super interesting. Here's what features on it:

1. A red Ferrari while we're still in our twenties.

Source: pursuitist.com

2. Waving at earthlings from a hot air balloon over Morocco. 

Source: inspiremore.com

3. Backpacking across South America... For an entire year. 

Source: handluggageonly.co.uk

4. A closet full of designer labels... 

Source: arhitekturaplus.com

5. ...Which you wear when you party with your favourite Bollywood stars. 

Source: pinkvilla.com

6. A cottage in the mountains... 

Source: traveltriangle.com

7. ...And a mansion on a beach for those long weekends.

Source: homedsn.com

8.  A private jet. 'Nuff said. 

Source: tomclaeren.com

9. Skinny dipping in the Pacific ocean...

Source: pinterest.com

10. ...Off the coast of your private island. 

Source: pinterest.com

11. Spend a night (or few) in a luxurious igloo watching the Northern Lights.  

Source: telegraph.co.uk

We are a generation that dreams big and lets nothing stop us from achieving our dreams. Check out this interesting video about fulfilling your wish list from SBI Life.