Let’s face it. In India, almost everyone is a cricket fan. Although whether you’re one by choice or by peer pressure is a separate story. I mean, it’s perfectly fine if you’re not a cricket fan (I pity you though), but it’s unforgivable to be a pseudo one. Why? Simply because the true ones, who eat, drink and breathe cricket, can identify you in a jiffy and turn you into a laughing stock.

Don’t believe it? Well, let me prove my point…

1. A true fan watches all the matches. But doesn't always post about it on social media.

Whereas a pseudo fan keeps posting score updates only to show that he/she is really watching the match.

2. A true fan cannot get back to normal life after his/her team has lost.

Whereas, to be honest, a pseudo fan doesn’t really give a damn.

3. A true fan will watch all the matches during the World Cup

A pseudo fan will only watch the India vs Pakistan match because it is an India vs Pakistan match.

4. A true cricket fan remembers the stats of all important players, but will never use them to gain social acceptance.

A pseudo one will use the crammed up knowledge as fodder for conversation.

5. A true cricket fan will know the difference between silly point and point.

Whereas, for a pseudo fan will call all of them as just fielders.

6. A true fan will always remember the achievements of a player.

A pseudo one will always remember the controversies associated with that player.

7. A true cricket fan understands the value of singles and doubles in a match.

Whereas, a pseudo fan only wants the players to hit sixes and fours.

8. A true cricket fan will time his washroom breaks with the strategic time-out during the match.

A pseudo fan will watch only the first 5 overs, even during a T20 match.

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