The very mention of the word CHEERS you up! (Geddit?) Everyone loves beer! It is the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage. Beer is not only a common sight in the social circles but has other good uses too.

It can be the perfect DIY partner and seems to have beaten Vaseline in alternative uses! Beer, other than drinking, can be used in:

1. Take a nice bath

If the beer is warm and you can't drink it anymore, use it for a nice bubble bath you deserve. The yeast in the beer will exfoliate and soften your skin.


2. Get rid of that kidney stone

As you must have noticed, beer makes you pee more! So, because of these medicinal properties(Ha ha!), beer being diuretic in nature, it helps the kidney stone to pass fast and smooth, also easing the pain.


3. Shampoo your hair for a lustrous mane

Soak your hair in beer for a while and continue with the normal shampoo conditioning process to bring back the beach look with highlights. Or drink that beer, don't care about your hair!


4. Bring antiques back to life

The acid in the beer is known to bring out the shiny texture in copper and brass utensils and antiques. Also, it can be used to clean up gold jewellery, bringing back the old lustre. 


5. In case of fire, use beer

Unless you are too possessive about your beer, it can be used to extinguish small fires, in case of emergency. The fizz added to a high amount of water can take care of small flare-ups.


6. Cook rice with beer

While cooking rice, add half a cup beer. This not only makes the rice appear fuller, but also adds a nuttier taste and a brown hue to it.


7. Kill those creepy slugs

Take some wide-mouthed bowls, fill them up with beer and place them overnight wherever you're trying to get rid of those creepy slugs! 


8. Marinate the meat for tenderness

Thanks to its acidic properties, beer adds tenderness to the meat, without leaving any flavour of its own. Marinate the meat and leave it overnight. 


9. Make a nice beer barbecue sauce

Why drink it when you can eat it! Make the tastiest BBQ sauce with something as simple as beer. Masterchef, anyone?


10. Relax your tired feet

After a long day, pour some cold beer in a small bucket and soak your feet. This provides a relaxing effect to the feet. Keep an extra bottle handy, because you'll need something to drink while those feet are busy getting pampered.


11. Prepare the fluffiest batter

A nice fluffy bread from beer, with beer! Nobody can say no to that! *puts the bun in the oven*

12. Cure sleeplessness

The smell of beer is known to induce sleep. It comes from the flower called hop that is used to brew beer. Washing your pillow with a little beer might cure your insomnia, if you're lucky!


13. Get rid of diarrhoea

The carbonated effect or the fizz in the beer can help ease stomach pain just like any other carbonated drink. But refrain from doing this if you're already on medications.


14. Roast chicken for a tastier meal

Just like marinating, roasting a chicken with beer is a good option. This gives a scrumptious golden colour to it and accentuates the taste as well.


No seriously! Is there something beer can't do?

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