Sure, we Indians should be well aware of how outward appearances don't have much of a say when it comes to the interiors of our homes. But imagine a house that was built as a little cosy cottage three centuries ago, that got an epic revamp, and is now the centre of everyone's attention.

Built in 1680, this little house on the coast of Cornwall, Great Britain, might seem deceptively small.

But after a young couple bought the place, the insides got a modern makeover.

And now it looks something like this.

A fusion of modern tastes with a retro outlook looks something like this living room.

An all-white bedroom puts you right at home.

And the children's room next to it is just as glamorous.

A retroesque bathroom is pretty much the icing on the cake

The kitchen however boasts of a robust modern structure.

And a nice country-vibe dining area becomes the perfect blend.

All, complete with a patio. 

Source: brightside.

Bet you didn't see that coming.