We, Indians, are currently grappling with the 'demonetisation' problem that doesn't seem to go away any time soon but the fact that we are in this together makes us feel more attached than ever before. There have been numerous instances of kindness that Indians have shown towards each other. Things like these, I believe, are the ones that are helping us in moving forward with a hope of a better future.

This time an ATM security guard has won us over with his kindness.

Popular singer Chinmayi Sripada landed in India along with her husband Rahul Ravindran — an Indian film actor — amidst the country wide demonetisation crisis. They found themselves cashless and helpless with absolutely nothing in the name of smaller denominations as they were in the US when the 500 and 1000 currency notes  became invalid.

Source: Facebook

They, like the others, went to the local ATM to withdraw cash so that they could have some tea but the ATM was out of cash. They were informed that the money would be loaded only at 10 AM by the ATM security guard and would get over in a matter of two hours. 

Sripada, in her Facebook status, wrote that a kind ATM security guard gave her husband, Rs 20 so that the couple could have their tea.

This status, which has garnered around 5k reactions in a matter of 7 hours, had a lot of people questioning why she didn't come prepared for the situation. To this, she replied saying, 

I don't own a TV and I dont watch the news. How would one come prepared when no one has cash?
Source: Facebook

Some people even advised Sripada to use her debit card to have food in any hotel.  

There are as many opinions as there are people in India. But what we need to focus on here is the humanity of the security guard who helped someone in need. Perhaps, if each of us try to be a little nicer to each other in these tough times, life wouldn't suck as much, you know? 

What a wonderful story. This made us smile, for sure.