Do you know what the most useless item in your home is? Well, yeah, it might be that ugly showpiece that no one ever pays attention to, but I had something else in mind. No guesses? The newspaper. Every morning, the paperboy throws a wad of rolled up information onto the balcony, which then makes it into the hands of your family. After that, it lazes around the house for a day or two until it makes it to the pile of junk along with all the other newspapers, and is eventually traded for money with the ragpicker. No big deal? Except 1 tree is cut down for every 230 newspapers. Imagine how many are sacrificed for the millions of newspapers we throw away every year?

That's why, this year, on January 27th, a day after Republic Day, BankBazaar decided to highlight the importance of afforestation by distributing millions of saplings to people, both on their doorsteps and in public places. By encouraging them to #GoPaperless, the campaign aimed to steer the conversation towards a burning statement: Now is the time to think about all the paper we waste every day. Check out the video below to know all about the cause.