When cab services were first introduced in India, it was supposed to be a huge sigh of relief for us as we wouldn't need to depend on the whims and fancies of the autowalas. As the cab services are expanding their business in the country, it's only logical that the same kind of mentality is trickling into them.

Recently, a Facebook user Sreyoshi Guha Thakurta posted about her horrible experience with an Uber driver. Here's the full post:

This is to bring to your notice the abusive behavior of an Uber driver my friend, Debolina and I booked.

Talking to ScoopWhoop, Sreyoshi said

We have e-mailed Uber regarding this abusive situation we faced, but they seem to be handling this very casually. This is a case of abusing somebody's private information for one's own benefit and it's simply outrageous. We have lodged an FIR regarding the same and the only thing we can probably do now is to hope against hope that Uber does take this seriously.

Sreyoshi's friend, Debolina had this to say to ScoopWhoop:

I am a regular Uber user. And this is the first time I have been harassed this way. I am not just angry but also extremely appalled at the driver's audacity. His licence must be cancelled. If action isn't taken now, it is never really going to start making a difference.

This seems to be a fairly common problem with 'share' rides. If the location is on the other side of the road, a lot of cab drivers have refused to drop the passengers where they wished. We hope that Uber and Ola take a cue from this story and take stern actions against the drivers who are known to have misbehaved with the customers.

ScoopWhoop has tried reaching Uber and we're still awaiting a statement.