A man allegedly killed his six-year-old daughter by stuffing an onion into her mouth after he lost his cool over her failure to recite numbers from 1 to 13 in the right sequence. The incident occurred on July 9 in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.

The 30-year-old accused, Raju Kute was arrested on Monday night for killing his daughter Bharti after the girl's mother finally brought the matter to the police.

“Bharti recited numerals from 1 to 12, but stumbled thereafter, which enraged Raju. He was so livid that he took an onion and stuffed it down her throat, following which she choked to death,” police said.

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After the gruesome deed, Raju buried his daughter’s body near a crematorium, police said, adding that the victim’s mother had witnessed the crime.

On the basis of her complaint, Raju was arrested and a case has been registered against him under sections of IPC. Further investigation in the case is underway.

(Feature Image Source: PTI)