Ever since she was born, everyone's been eager to know the name of Shahid & Mira Kapoor's daughter. While the couple took their time deciding on the name, Shahid finally took to Twitter to make the announcement with an adorable tweet. 

PS: The couple has named her Misha!

If you still want further explanation as to how, this happened, this simple equation will solve your problem:

Mi(ra) + Sha(hid) = Misha

Source: ABPlive

However, name-guessing for the baby has been on amidst fans of the couple for a while now, since Misha's birth to be precise. 

But turns out, one fan in particular, got it right way before anybody else did. 

Check it out:

Now, those are some next-level prediction skills!

We suggest that Sagarcasm, should take up astrology as a profession because he got this one quite right!

As far as Misha is concerned, we love the name.