If you’re a girl, you know the fact that finding a decent house on rent is a herculean task. Now, imagine this. After the endless amount of hard work, you’ve finally (and by finally, I mean, FINALLY) found the perfect house for yourself. It has a spacious living room, a cosy bedroom, a nice balcony and what not. Basically, you’ve found heaven on Earth and you’re loving it!

However, you haven’t met your beloved-to-be landlord yet. Your perfect world comes crashing down when he tells you, “I’m sorry, but this house is for sanskari girls only.” Surely, you think that this is a joke, but the truth is, it isn’t. Now, you just have two options. Either you give up the flat of your dreams and start your search all over again or you do what the girl in this video did.

Check out this hilarious ad by NestAway that's a part of their #HomesThatDontDiscriminate campaign and see how a "non-sanskari" girl's absurd fix helped her in getting her dream home.