Have you ever stopped and considered what all this mad dash in the world is all about? We wake up, march to our jobs, march to our schools and colleges, march back home, eat to sustain ourselves, sleep and repeat the same pattern. Everyday, in and out. But what are we chasing? Some pursue dreams, others desires, but at the end of the day we all just want that little piece of perfect happiness we hope to achieve. A pretty home, a loved one by your side, maybe a cuddly pet who loves you unconditionally. Mitali and Ali, living in Mumbai, have found their perfect. But their battle to earn this was a long drawn out one. Both belong to different religions, they are a live-in couple and they have a dog, Pantu.

Families were against them, their society members were against them but watch how they teamed up to defeat all the negative taboos and just be happy. Watch this video by The Daily Herb below:

Look out for what makes you happy.