At a time when people around the world are trying to break stereotypes, there are some who will do anything to cement them further. Where on one hand we see a mother posting an ad for a groom wanted for her son, on the other hand, we see ads with clearly chalked out caste, complexion, height, weight, and other unnecessary, mindless things they judge a person on. 

While women are trying to break out of the conventional mould that has been carved for them since ages, this newspaper with some really bad advertising, and a PR team that could use a few new members, put out this obnoxious ad.

The ad was carried out by the Chandigarh edition of HT on June 8. 

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Are you as shocked as I am to see this ad? Or are you thinking what's wrong with it? Well, let me list out the numerous things that are inappropriate. 


While Ghana is fighting against companies who are trying to shove their colour-lightening products down their epidermises, here we have an Indian ad reinforcing the notion that fair is indeed beautiful. Because if you ain't fair who the hell is going to marry you anyway, right? 

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Convent - Educated

This one is definitely a new thing for me. Being a convent educated girl myself, I really don't know what's the fuss about? Are they in demand because they supposedly 'speak good English'? Or because they are seen as this perfect girl, who knows different ways of folding her legs, and eating food with proper cutlery, and singing English songs? If that's what you meant, let me tell you a little secret, most of us ain't like that at all. 

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Brahmin Girl

While decades ago Ambedkar fought all his life to make people equal, and abolish the caste system, here we are making the caste system even more important than the person itself. Do we still have such a skewed idea of society? 

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Wildlife Photographer

Have all the ridiculous, stereotype enforcing, archaic, antiquated notions of how a girl should be, and then make it up by inserting in a daring and cool career because, women empowerment! This ad promotes a new way of getting your matrimonial ad featured - through an amazing, path-breaking voice recording technology that tells you more about each ad. Ain't that ironic? Where on one hand you're promoting a new advanced technology, on the other you're still stuck with the features of the era long gone by?

To imagine that one of India's leading papers carry such a sexist, stereotypical ad is disappointing to say the least.