In a major breakthrough which could play a role in the discovery of a vaccine for the Zika virus, a team of scientists from United States' Purdue University have for the first time successfully determined the structure of the virus.

The seven-member team, comprising of researchers and doctoral students, published a paper on their findings in the journal Science last week on March 31.

Source: b'Sirohi (second from left ) with her team'

And the youngest member from the team is a 29-year-old, Devika Sirohi, an Indian-origin doctoral student. The landmark discovery was done over a period of intense work of four months.

"It will help doctors and researchers to find a cure for the deadly disease that has been reported in 33 countries," Sirohi said as per a report by The Times of India.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed his congratulations on Twitter:  

Here is all you need to know about the young Indian woman scholar who is a part of the landmark medical discovery:

Source: b'Sirohi (sitting) with her team members'

(All images sourced from Twitter/Purdue University)