"Children may close their ears to advice but they keep their eyes open to example" - Epicurus

It's no hidden fact that as kids, we all wanted to be like our parents. We wanted to dress like them, walk like them and even talk like them. However, as we grew up, we also picked up some things from them which we shouldn't have ideally. Things that maybe even they wouldn't have wanted us to pick up. 

Truth be told, our parents are not perfect. In fact, they never were. And that's something we realised with time. Just like the kid in this video did when he saw his father get in a scuffle with a helpless old man only because his car had broken down. Seeing this side of him, the kid knew that no matter how much he loves his dad, he will be nothing like him. Rather than acting out of rage like his father, he chose to be the change by being helpful and calm on the road. Here's his story...

Many road rage incidents happen only because we're not able to react in a split second to avoid a collision. Which is why it pays to have sturdy and grippy tyres like JK Tyres' all new series of Ranger tyres that can give you a few seconds extra to make the right decision.

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