Football, like every other sport, has evolved through its course of history. We've moved from the dreaded Catenaccio to Clockwork Football to Gegen Pressing but if there's one thing that has stayed true to the sport, then that has to be the ever increasing rivalry between the clubs. 

A derby match is the epitome of rivalry - it isn't just about the bragging rights, it's more of a cultural war of supremacy between two clubs who want to stamp their authority over the city.

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With new bosses on both sides of the city, United manager Jose Mourinho and City chief Pep Guardiola both splashed the cash this summer in a bid to earn bragging rights over their rivals and challenge for the Premier League crown.

The Manchester derby has rarely felt more like the biggest one-city rivalry in world football than it does today. 

These borderless teams of international superstars are the norm now, and yet all the broadcasters’ promotion will fixate on the extreme tribal differences because that is a major part of the attraction for the global audience.

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The Old Trafford showdown will not only pit Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola - the most-decorated managers in Europe - against each other, but also 22 players worth over £670m in transfer fees. This astronomical amount of money is indicative of the huge powershift that might unfold in the upcoming seasons.

Pep was responsible for the start of the dominance of Barcelona in Europe. With more money being pumped into the side every year, Real were bound to join the party. While City were clueless in Europe, United were still recovering from the absence of Sir Alex Ferguson. Having put these problems behind them, the Manchester sides finally seem to have come back to their best.

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Even when so much is said about the grandeur of El Clasico, Barcelona and Real Madrid have coped up really well after the departure of Pep and Mourinho. Under these two giants, the sides played with two distinct styles - tiki-taka and counter attacking football. The same tactics worked incredibly well for the Spanish national side as well. 

With Pep and Mourinho at the helm of the two biggest clubs in England, one might suggest that the English side might be at the cusp of something brilliant as well.

One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Barcelona and Real Madrid has been the sheer money they are willing to splash in the transfer market. With City and United deciding to spend out of their skins, the Spanish giants can be given a run for their money. This Manchester derby might just be the most expensive match ever played.

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It all adds up to a game worth serious cash in terms of the talent on display, once again showcasing the Premier League as the richest league in the world.

With the previous managers of Barcelona and Real Madrid taking the reigns of the Manchester clubs, it's become a little obvious that the English sides now boast of better chiefs. The Jose-Pep rivalry is one for the ages and it only spices up the derby for every neutral watching the match.

This new era of the Manchester rivalry has only just begun.