Be it the bells of the church or the exultation of 'Holi hai!', the soulful intonations of the evening adhan or the jubilant beats of the dhol on Baisakhi, the spirit of every festival in India drenched in one very familiar emotion: unity in diversity. That's why we eat Sewaiyaans with the same eagerness with which we devour Gujhiya and why every hug is as fervent as the joy we feel at the midnight mass. This wonderful feeling is what truly makes all Indians our brothers and sisters. 

Every year, in the narrow streets and crowded bazaars of India, identities dissipate and people come together to celebrate the essence of togetherness. The idea could not have been portrayed better in this simple but eloquent video by Manyavar, starring Virat Kohli. In his characteristic charismatic style, Virat emphasizes how colors don't care where you worship, and Eid's Sewaiyans taste all the better when made with love. Check it out below.