Have you always wanted to find an easy way to locate your Facebook friends on Tinder, or should we say stalk? With FriendSwipe, now you can.

FriendSwipe allows users to find all their Facebook contacts on Tinder by quickly scanning their Facebook contacts to check for common connections. The app lets users access the profiles of their Facebook friends on the dating app. Users can then swipe Yes or No to the profile. 

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Created by Jarred Summer, the app works off Tinder social, Tinder's latest group-dating update. If you were to use FriendSwipe to find your Facebook friends on Tinder, you would find all your friends who are using Tinder (those subscribed to Tinder social), irrespective of gender or location preferences listed out in the profile.

It will only show users with Tinder Social on, and if you want to block individual people from seeing you, you can tap "Block" and it'll hide them from seeing your profile, creator Summer writes on Product Hunt.

The app, however is against Tinder's terms and conditions, and might be taken off of the app store anytime, so it's best to act quickly if you're interested to check the app out!

Feature Image Source: Reuters