If there's one thing that doesn't get the attention it deserves in India (apart from Naga cuisine, I mean have you tried pork with bamboo shoot?!), it's gotta be local, homegrown, independent talent, especially in regards to music. There's a bunch of reasons why that is, and a lot of that is frankly out our control, but the fact remains that there's a whole lot of good music being made in India, and far too few people getting exposed to it. 

Trunk It, a self-described 'smart radio' app, aims to tackle this aural issue head on. For one, it's assembling an ever-growing, massive collection of indie music for you to vibe to.

Secondly, it treats you to a delightfully scrambled buffet of new music that changes every time, by which I mean each listener’s stream gets personalized based on their continuous and ongoing interaction with the app.

Everyone starts with a clean station with no pre-set genres. Every individual using the app for the first time, is asked to feed in their choice of genres, basis which the app throws music at you, shuffling all the artist in our database. We did not want to curate music for people to listen to, but give them to opportunity to curate their own radio.

The whole thing sounds like a blessing for the Indian independent music industry, which is, as we know, a bit of a circle-jerk at the moment. So if you want to get a taste of exciting new tunes and generally just be a more fun person, head over to the Trunk It website! The app is in the beta stage right now and should be out by December. 

"Turn on, tune in, drop out ."