Dreary, long drawn and thoroughly exhausting is the process of job hunting. And perhaps, the younger one is, the tougher it gets. There are more than just a few websites out there providing employer-employee interaction platforms and resume databases, and I don't even need to name any. I'm sure there's some way one could get a job off of Flipkart too. But, there's a new player in this digital world.

Monjin Interviews, a Pune-based startup, is bringing interviewers and candidates together, based purely on skill.

In the model created by the founders, a video database of the candidates and the set platform creates a network in which interviewers and prospective employers can fish out exactly the kind of candidate they need, based on their skill set.

Inspired by Uber, the model allows employers to rate the candidate.

Just like any other rating system, when a candidate joins Monjin, the system will pair the candidate up with the right interviewer. Then a virtual interview is video-recorded, indexed, tagged and rated. The selection process is extremely streamlined and efficient.

The model is seen to be useful for operative roles, sales and IT services.

Banking on a factor that is not readily available for companies and is critical in candidate selection, Monjin focuses on the domain knowledge of the interviewer."This (lack of domain knowledge by the person who asks questions) leads to candidate dissatisfaction, credibility loss, positions remaining open, etc. Monjin plans to fill in the gap," founder of Monjin, Abhijit Kashyape told The Economic Times.

"The platform is self-aggregating and self-curating; hence every day and every hour interviews keep happening and they get consumed by the growing community of Monjin clients," Kashyape told The Economic Times.

Ab toh naukri mil hi jaegi.

Masthead Source: ieasyworld.com, Feature Image Source: baws.ae