Oh bhains ki aankh! Don't worry, I just decided to bring the Delhi inside me, to the surface. Because, this is pretty much how you're going to react to this bar menu. A Twitter user recently came across a drink at a bar in Singapore that's all too familiar to us desi folk. Abey kya ho sakta hai? (you're thinking). Abey check it out (I'm saying).

Equilibrium, an Italian restaurant and wine bar in Singapore, has a pretty artistic, India-inspired drink.

"Enticing flavours of India" and all sorts of weird syrup blends put together, it's impossible for us authentic Indians to miss.

Spotted it didn't you? Well, for $23 you can get yourself a glorious, you know it... Madarchod.

Source: @DadaThaakur

Twitter user @DadaThaakur put out this epic tweet, and his encounter was pretty much what we expected.

What? Bourbon, chai and enticing Indian flavours (garam masala?)? Where has this Madarchod been all my life? 

Masthead Source: davedicello.com, Feature Image Source: @DadaThaakur