The best-equipped superhero of all could be Superman, followed closely by X-Men Wolverine, Mystique and Norse God Thor, according to a new research. The 'research' also suggests that Batman may be the most disadvantaged in terms of special powers.

Students at the University of Leicester in the UK have been using simple calculations to explain the feasibility of the powers behind of some of the most prominent comic book superheroes.

The student research 'determined' whether or not the seemingly superhuman abilities used by the famous characters in films and comic books are in fact possible and this is what they found.

Superman is likely to be the best equipped to win in an epic clash between all of the studied superheroes because, 

These three were close contenders:

1.) Thor

2.) Wolverine

3.) Mystique

Meanwhile, Black Bolt may be the most destructive of the superheroes.

Shockingly, Gothams caped crusader, Batman is the most ill-equipped superhero. Why? Because,

This inability to perform even the simplest of superhero feats suggest Batman would struggle to get off the ground.

Sheds a different light on Batman Vs Superman doesn't it? Also, is this what course do you have to take up to do such 'studies'?

All images designed by Utkarsh Tyagi