We often show up for work even when we are sick just to make a good impression on our bosses and to show how dedicated we are for the organisation. Well, a recent study says that such 'efforts' do more harm than good for the company.

A study by National Bureau of Economic Research says that sick employees bring infection to work which then spreads to other workers of the organisation.

According to a report by Bloomberg, 3 million people, or 2 percent of the U.S. population, bring their ailments to work each week, a phenomenon which is being termed as 'contagious presenteeism.'

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The primary reason behind this trend is the lack of paid sick leaves. Employees thus turn up for work even when they are ill because they don't want any salary cut.

A study by the United States Department of Labor published in 2015 stated that the costs of not having a sick leave policy will considerably hit the businesses of an organisation. It may also affect the business productivity or even hurt sales in service industries. 

The study also explained about the other benefits of paid sick leaves. Having sick paid leaves will help in maintaining the general public health and will also save costs for organisations.

(Feature image source: Reuters)