When you talk about your brother or your sister, you talk about the special bond that you share with them. The bouts of laughter are more often than not followed by days of complete silence and cold wars. That's the beauty of such a relationship, one doesn't need to pretend or even put on a mask when you are sad or unhappy. Having said that, there are things that help us get even closer to them. Whether it's playing our favourite console game or watching a movie on the laptop, these small things become like little drops of rain that make a lake.

Unfortunately, there are times, when we become careless and forget about their needs and tend to overlook a few things that matter to them. It is during these times that we should go the extra mile to bring a smile on their faces.

Just like in this video, where a sibling does the unthinkable for his hearing-impaired brother by making him experience music in a unique way. 

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