The essence of Diwali is all about homecoming. After nearly months and months of hard work, you finally get those few days off so that you can spend some valuable time with your loved ones. While many of us get to spend this auspicious day with our families, there are a few who because of their work cannot go back home.

The same is true about Sophie as well. A server at Brewbot (a restaurant in Mumbai), Sophie's hectic schedule and long working hours make it impossible for her to even think of being home for Diwali. The reason, you ask? It's because it takes her about six days to reach her home in Manipur. Which means that on taking an entire week off, she barely gets to stay with her family for two days. 

Despite knowing that she won't be able to make it home for Diwali, Sophie still shows up at work every day with a smile. And to honour, this commitment of hers nearbuy decided to #GiveLoveBack and surprise her in the best possible manner. Want to know what they did? 

Check out the heartwarming video where one server got the best Diwali surprise, ever!