If you've ever lived in Delhi NCR in the months of November/December, chances are, you're familiar with sights like these:

Looks post-apocalyptic, doesn't it? Well, that will pretty much be the reality if the pollution levels in Delhi continue rising. Today, I have just the video for you that shows what's in store for all of us if the pollution levels reach their peak. I am sure all of you know that the numbers are not going to be pretty, but a mere look at some of these facts will shake you to the core and have you wondering how bad things could actually get. So hang tight, as you go through these alarming facts about pollution that every Delhiite should know: 

1. Now that Delhi has become a gas chamber, we don't need to smoke cigarettes to get respiratory problems.

Breathing Delhi air is equivalent to smoking packs of cigarettes. 

2. 'But I toh don't even leave my house ya'. Doesn't matter ya. You too are in a great danger!

News flash: Without air purification, breathing inside your home...

3. You get it now, don't you? These are pretty serious effects. But wait, there's more!

As a result of sustained exposure to pollutants...

 Now, homeboy here isn't trying to scare you, but excessive exposure to toxic air can also lead to...

4. But that's not all. Pollution has adverse effects on the health of children too!

 So the excessive intake of toxic air can have adverse effects on their cognitive ability...

Now that's a matter of concern. 

5. This next one sounds like a joke, but trust me, it's true!

Air pollution lowers the testosterone and estrogen levels leading to high infertility rates. 

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty concerned about my health. While we can do little to control the air pollution, what we can do though is filter the air we breathe. 3M respirator filters the polluted air by removing the invisible PM 2.5 dust particles. What's more? The good folks at 3M have also come up with an AC filter which we can all install in our air conditioners. The filters also operate on fan mode, thereby purifying the air in our homes.

Rest assured, with 3M's respirators and AC filters, the air we breathe will be free from all the dust pollutants. So if you're concerned about the health of your loved ones, given the ever-increasing pollution, you know what to do!

Watch the video to know more about the effects of air pollution: