What’s the worst part about depression? It’s the fact that you can never see how it affects someone, at least not right away. The odd quiet days that you dismiss as mood swings, the sleepless nights blamed on workload, the intense dread that creeps up and settles inside you every morning you think about getting out of bed. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean depression isn’t real.

Unfortunately, people often mistake the signs for moodiness. They label it as a phase or a gimmick to attract attention, not knowing that dismissal is what eggs it on. This lack of conversation and acceptance is the reason why millions of people in our country fight depression without any support, and it’s exactly what The Live Love Laugh Foundation seeks to change.

The moving video below gives a simple message: #DobaraPoocho. Don’t settle for the standard response of “Everything is fine.” If you feel something might be wrong, ask again, and stand with your loved ones in their fight against mental illness.