Three policemen beat a man, his son and his wife with lathis in full public view in Tamil Nadu's Thiruvannamalai district.

Raja, an autorickshaw driver, his wife Usha and their 17-year-old son Suriya were reportedly on their way to a wedding when the couple had an argument.

The policemen in khaki uniform watched the family arguing and went to enquire. They were agitated after told them off, saying that the argument was a family affair and that they would settle among themselves. The man and his wife also received blows. Dozens of people watched as the scene unfolded.

In a video which was shot by a bystander, Usha is seen trying to plead with the policemen, who ignore her and continue thrashing the family.

All three family members were taken to hospital with injuries. Angry locals later protested the police brutality by blocking the road for two hours demanding the arrest of the policemen. District police chief R Ponni brought in a big force to end the road blockade.

The three policemen -- Nammazhvar, Vijayakumar and Murugan -- have since been transferred out of Chengam, where the incident took place, police said.