It is a well-established fact that smoking is bad for your health. If you're someone who doesn't smoke, you'd surely have, at some point or the other, tried to stop others around you from smoking as well. That usually doesn't work out. It's hard to convince regular smokers to quit. 

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Hundreds of people and organisations have created advertisements and campaigns trying to get people to quit. They all look at smokers in different ways and use different methods to try and convince them to give up smoking. 

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Here's one such ad. This award-winning advertisement by Ogilvy and Mather, India, gets the point across, and is super relevant even today. The ad, came out in 2001, but even after more than a decade, gets the message across, subtly. 

This sarcastic ad, features a man who is seen smoking inside a travelling bus. Two old people, sitting right next to him, look at him with sympathy. They don't ask the man to stop smoking. Instead, they do something else, quite subtle, and unexpected. And that will make you look at people who smoke in a completely different light.  

Here, watch this ad to find out: